Nourish Moisturiser

Nutre y protege la piel sensible

Esta crema hidratante intensamente calmante combina extractos probióticos y nutrientes prebióticos para reforzar la función de barrera de la piel sensible.

(11 opinii klienta)


Detalles del producto

99% Natural
73% Orgánico
100% Vegano
100% Libre de Crueldad
345g Compensación de Carbono
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11 opinii dla Nourish Moisturiser

  1. Caitlin

    Instantly absorbs, leaving no sticky or heavy feeling on the skin. Soothes and eases redness and hydrates well.
    Clean and refreshing smell and a great product overall. My favourite esse moisturiser – and I have tried 3.

  2. Zaga

    This is amazing skincare, smells wonderful and really works!

  3. Christy Richards

    This moisturizer has become an integral part of my skincare routine. It is so soothing and my skin is loving it! The soft vanilla scent is amazing! So in love with the Sensitive Range

  4. Jesse

    I tried a sample of this! It’s an amazing cream – definitely buying it!!

  5. Yvette Botha

    Great for night time use or as a day and night moisturiser during winter months when the skin feels red and stressed. The Nourish Moisturiser calms down redness fast and effectively, I had wonderful results using it.

  6. Jill Mckeith

    For dry, sensitive Skin. Helps to restore the skin’s ecosystem.
    Nourish moisturiser boosts barrier function.
    Stong barrier function will also keep toxins and opportunistic microbes out.
    Great night time repair.

  7. Courtneigh Grundlingh

    This product nourishes the skin beautifully, reducing any sensitivity and leaves the skin with a beautiful glow. With this product around, there is no excuse for your skin to not be looked after.

  8. Cordnee Lee Moonsamy

    Perfection in a bottle for more mature dry sensitive clients. One of our best sellers. Lovely vanilla fragrance

  9. Melissa Johnson

    Beautiful consistency! Can be used as a night cream for sensitive or drier skins starting on Esse. My clients that have used JUST this product for the first week cant believe how it calms down the redness on their skins. Great way to introduce first timers to Esse.

  10. Megan Fosse Slide Health Spa

    I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with sensitive skin. I have seen great results over the past 3 months. In conjunction with the Sensitive Toner and the Protect Oil my skin feels amazing! I only need to use a touch of moisturizer as it spreads beautifully. It absorbs well and is very lightweight.

  11. Yaksha

    The probiotics really settled my skin. This is a genuine product!

    Well done Esse!

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