Rich Moisturiser

Nutrición e hidratación para pieles secas / clima seco

Una rica y lujosa crema hidratante con extractos probióticos para optimizar el microbioma de su piel. El aceite de marula y el extracto de hoja de olivo nutren y mejoran la elasticidad y ofrecen protección antioxidante.

(10 valoraciones de clientes)


Detalles del producto

99% Natural
81% orgánico
100% Vegano
100% Libre de Crueldad
345g Carbono compensado
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10 valoraciones en Rich Moisturiser

  1. Yvette Botha

    Before the Esse sensitive moisturisers were available, I used the Rich moisturiser at night time. It is the perfect consistency and super moisturising whithout leaving your skin too oily. For a Rich moisturiser I did not feel that it was «too much» it was just perfect.

  2. Courtneigh Grundlingh

    This is a wonderful moisturiser for really dry skin. It leaves your skin feeling soft, plump and nourished

  3. Megan Fosse

    I use the Rich Moisturizer as a night moisturizer and I can see a huge difference with my dehydration lines on my forehead. Its silky texture feels wonderful and the smell is to die for.

  4. Jill Mckeith

    Love this product during winter. Skin stays hydrated and nourished. It improves skin elasticity and has great anti oxidants.
    I recommend this moisturiser to clients with normal and dry skin.
    Such a treat.

  5. Megan Fosse

    I love using the Rich moisturizer as a night cream, especially in the Winter time. It really keeps my skin nourished, and helps tremendously with forehead dehydration lines. A must in my cupboard!

  6. Jenine

    This moisturisor is brilliant for wintertime. It really keeps my skin moisturized and comforted during the harsher months…a great combo is the rich and repair oil at night time for an intense moisture boost.

  7. Melissa Johnson

    Great use for drier skin types. Gives that deeper nourishment without leaving the skin feeling shiny/oily. My clients also find a more even complexion when used for a few months.

  8. Cordnee lee moonsamy

    My winter wondeland! For someone with an oily combination skin- ibe always battled to find a moisturiser thay wouldnt make me even shinnier especially in winter when my skin needs alittle more tlc. I found the rich moisturiser to be the perfect fit for me. Not too heavy and not too light. Absolute heaven on my skin and amazing scents through my nose!

  9. Carmen Melissa Jessop

    I feel the rich is a lighter version of the ultra and I would use it as a everyday moisturiser and ultra for my winter times so I feel they comment each other:)

  10. Debbie

    My dry, mature skin loves this cream. I’ve been using it as my Day Cream.

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